Announcement for Poster Designing and Science Fiction Story Writing Competition (Online) - Closed

Submission Guidelines

Themes for poster competitions
 My classroom / my lab during the pandemic
 Handling of myths, hoaxes in the pandemic
 Earth is healing
 Innovations during the times of COVID-19

Themes for science fiction story writing competitions
Life in COVID-19
 My classroom / my lab during the pandemic

 The posters can be designed as a hand-made painting, drawing or sketch or even designed on computer using graphics. Write the theme chosen for the poster as the title.
 The size of the poster can be in A3 or A2.
 Poster to be uploaded as an image file of size upto 10MB

 Submit Poster using this link

Science Fiction Stories
 Participants are encouraged to write as story, dialogue, narrative, etc. along with illustrations, upto 1000 words
 Participants can submit hand written entries which are to be scanned and submitted as a document.
 Entries to be submitted as a PDF file upto size 5-10 MB
 Submit the science fiction story using this link

Submission Date
 Last date of submission -- 30th October 2020

Evaluation Criteria
 The submission entries will be evaluated for its novelty, creativity, imagination, scientific accuracy
 The submission entries will be evaluated by scientists and academicians from TIFR, NCBS, IISc, HBCSE.

 The submission entries / selected entries can be published on the CovidGyan website.
 Participants can be awarded with certificate from CovidGyan