Evidence-based implementation of COVID-19 public health measures

Event date and time: 
Thursday, December 10, 2020 - 18:30
Prof. Giridhara R Babu will speak on the evidence-based implementation policies based on his association with BBMP Taskforce on COVID-19 Public Health Response, the Karnataka Technical Analysis Committee for COVID-19 and ICMR ESWG on surveillance and research. He will also provide an insight into the Karnataka Statewide Seroprevalence study. The study captures the indicators of the transmission dynamics in different parts of the state and provides key recommendations for context-specific and evidence-based public health actions. The survey is a collaborative effort of several organisations/ institutions working with the Government of Karnataka (IIPH, IISc, ISI Bangalore, NIMHANS, MSRMC, UNICEF, BMCRI, WHO NPSP and Government of Karnataka) and has several policy implications. These include modification of existing testing strategy, strengthening of the syndromic approach for surveillance, and estimating the threshold for population immunity.
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